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Wigs and makeup education is a mind blowing choice today. We all agree that education is paramount prior to embarking on any career. Wigs and makeup education is not as cut and dry as other fields. It is a creative industry and highly practical, so is obtaining an academic degree in the subject truly necessary? The long and the short of it is that it is down personal choice. Let’s take a look at the options of wigs and makeup education and the possibilities available.



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Wigs And Makeup Education Options


The wigs and makeup eduction options out there are:


The standard 3 year degree, or the shorter option of a 2 year full time education where a HND or equivalent can be obtained!

Private full time education colleges!

Short courses in specialised subjects!



Wigs And Makeup Education As A Degree, Full Time or Private Colleges



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As well as teaching my short courses at WAM Studio, I also teach a few units at Northbrook MET University. The students there embark on a three year broad spectrum wigs and makeup eduction. The first two years being highly practical, then the final year concentrating on the more academic side of obtaining a degree.


To be clear, it is not essential to obtain a degree to work in the wigs and makeup industry. Practical training is absolutely required but an academic degree not so much.


The shorter two year full time and practical course is perfectly acceptable to gain work in industry. What I would say, is that the degree is perfect if it is something you want to achieve for personal gain.


A degree qualification is also transferable into other industries or if you want to move up to a managerial position. If you chose the option of obtaining a degree then that is the correct path for you and feel happy with your decision.


When I went back to retrain in wigs and makeup education I chose not to carry on with the final year degree. The main reason was I already had a degree from my past career in Hotel Management so I decided the final year was best spent getting into industry faster. Had I not already had a degree I might have had to rethink my decision.


Two Year Practical Education


The two year practical HND I obtained gave me the relevant skills to obtain work in the wigs and makeup industry.


Two year full time wigs and makeup education programs will deliver broad spectrum education and give students a brief knowledge in most fields of wigs and makeup. It is broad spectrum training and the colleges have to fit a lot of topics and areas into the schedules. You will get a ‘brief education’ in all subject but you won’t necessarily specialise in anything.


These courses are perfect for school leavers or anyone who haven’t gain qualifications to date.


Private Colleges


Full time private colleges offer a similar program but tend to be more concise in their delivery and the course lengths are usually shorter, although not always. These private colleges will usually just offer courses in wigs and makeup education.


With the increase in government university fees, state and private colleges have become more on an equal playing field with course fees.


Full Time Study Conclusion



If you are thinking of choosing a full time course at state or private college think carefully and do your research. Research the reputation of the colleges, talk to students both past and present. Research into how many of those students have gone onto working in industry. Ask about the teachers at the colleges and their experience. My time at West Thames was spent being taught by people working the wigs and makeup industry. I work in the industry and it allows me to deliver current and relevant training to my students. College teachers who have been out of the loop for years or have never worked in industry compared with industry lead teachers? It goes without saying which is best.


You are spending a lot of money on full time education so do your research.



Wigs And Makeup Education Via Short Courses


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Studios that offer short courses in wigs and makeup education are a great option if you want to specialise in a particular field. The Wigs And Makeup Studio offer short courses in wig making. The Wig Room Training Academy offer great courses in wig dressing. We are just two of the many courses out there that allow people to specialise in a particular subject in a fast and intensive way.


Short courses are perfect for expanding your knowledge obtained from full time broad spectrum courses, or if you just want education solely a particular area.


I have had students coming to me to learn wig making because their full time colleges didn’t cover it, or didn’t teach it in-depth enough for them.


I have also had students coming to me that work in the wigs arena but wanted to expand their skills to produce better work. For example, a student came to WAM Studio to learn a few basics on our short courses. She now uses the whipping darts technique when production her lace frontals. The lace frontals are usually flat pieces of knotted lace 11×4 inches. She pops darts into her pieces to give a more rounded, form fitting look.


Short courses are perfect for complete beginners who want to gain knowledge in the wigs and makeup industry. A trial  before embarking on a full time wigs and makeup education if you like.


Short courses are also perfect for people who have education in a similar field but want to expand. For example, if a qualified hairdresser wants to gain wig making experience. Someone who doesn’t want to go back to full time education but wants to expand on their skill set.


Of course a series of short courses can change someones career path without retuning to more expensive full time training too. I have had a student who works in finance  Over a few months she has done lots of different short courses with many studios. She is now gaining work experience within the wigs and makeup industry.


Short courses are also an option for hobbyists who just wand to learn for fun.



Wigs And Makeup Education The Skinny



In conclusion, wigs and makeup education is all down to personal choice. Whatever path you chose be confident it is the right path for you. Go with your gut but make sure you do your research. Let your head lead your heart. All studios and colleges will of course be bias, with their offer particular offer being the best.


You don’t need a degree but you do need formal training to obtain work within the industry.  Although the degree path will never be the incorrect one should you chose that direction.


I have tried to be unbiased.  I hope this blog on Wigs and Makeup Education has gone some way into helping you make that all important decision.



Philip Carson-Sheard

Wig Making Classes

WAM Studio