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About Us

WAM Studio is run by Corinne Young and Philip Carson-Sheard, both industry professionals with a wealth of experience ranging from work at English National Opera, the Royal Shakespeare Company, Glyndebourne, the National Theatre and West End productions to film and editorial make up and teaching wig-making and wig dressing at various prominent colleges.

WAM Studio is located in South London in a relaxed environment within an artisan space and all courses are led by experts in their teaching fields.

Way back in 2016 we recognised that there was a gap in the market in terms of short, specific training options, especially for those who work full time in the makeup and wig fields but are unable to return to full time education.

Our aim was to offer courses that fit around students’ existing employment and study commitments.

We now offer short and affordable courses, both online and in our studio, to cater for a broad spectrum – for beginners who are interested in developing certain skills, industry professionals who want to expand their knowledge and skills and students who want to build on their previous training.

We are here to guide you every step of the way and offer follow up support and advice to all our students.

Corinne Young

Founding Partner, WAM Studio

To master a skill is pure joy. The pride, satisfaction and potential earning power of a talent and a job well done are immense. I’m a firm believer that a solid educational base is the route to all this. Whilst the mastery of any skill takes many, many hours of dedication and practise, to be taught the correct skills in a professional, inspiring and motivational setting is key.

Philip and I are very excited to offer both a comprehensive range of short, affordable courses online and our hugely popular 7-Day Intensive Wig Making Course in our studio in south-east London. We understand that everyone learns in different ways and we hope these options give you a real choice in how you learn the art of wig making and SFX makeup.

These are the courses we both would have eagerly signed up for if they had been available when we were starting out in the industry.

From the complete beginner to the professional wishing to hone their skills we are here to provide the very best education through time-served wig makers and makeup artists who are working in the business on a daily basis, producing work of the highest standard.

I am currently the Wigs and Makeup Manager at English National Opera. I head up a department of incredibly talented wig makers, wig dressers, hairdressers and makeup artists. I also work closely with designers as a Wigs and Makeup Supervisor on a huge variety of our opera productions.

My West End credits include Head of Wigs and Makeup on the RSC’s Wolf Hall and Bring Up The Bodies, Wig Mistress on Ghosts, Old Times, and South Downs and The Browning Version, and Hair and Makeup Artist on Private Lives.

I have also worked on magazine shoots including Vogue US and various advertising campaigns.

Philip Carson-Sheard

Founding Partner and Wig Making Course Tutor

I have been working in the industry for many a year. I truly love this business. It is exciting, dynamic and diverse.

I have worked for very large theatre and opera companies including Glyndebourne, Royal Shakespeare Company and over 16 years at English National Opera. I am currently a Wigs and Makeup Supervisor at The National Theatre.

Since 2009 I have taught knotting, wig making and facial hair to Students at Northbrook College, Sussex. I have worked on film sets and magazine shoots as well as creating wigs for private clients.

Two main things attracted me to the idea of WAM.

The first is that over the years wig making is being taught less and less in colleges which has resulted in theatres and production companies finding it harder and harder to find competent wig makers.

The second was to help people to develop skills whilst still working in this business and its crazy hours. When I left West Thames College, London where I studied all those years ago, I was lacking basic men’s barbering skills. Once I had embarked on my career I was always frustrated that due to the crazy hours required I couldn’t find a suitable barbering course to fit around my work commitments. It took me 8 years.

That is why I am very excited to be teaching at The Wigs and Makeup Studio. Problem solved. The courses offered are designed to run alongside the structure of working in this business. With courses offered both online and in our London studio, the wig making classes I have developed are designed to offer full training to cover all aspects of the wig making process.

Each online course is also designed to stand alone offering ‘Add on’ training in areas you may be lacking. For example, if you know how to knot but wanted to learn foundation making, job done. So whether you are a novice or seasoned wiggy I am here with you every step of the way to guide you through the wig making process.