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Welcome to the WAM Studio Headblock course where Philip teaches you how to create a made to measure, bespoke Headblock using the Padded Method.

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Intro and Equipment

Philip talks you through the equipment you will need to create a Headblock using the Padded Method


Preparing the Block

Philip advises you how to choose the right headblock, shows you how to make initial alterations to the block shape, how to accurately position the headwrap and then how to create and mark the essential guide tabs


Padding the Block

Philip teaches you how to accurately pad out your block using tried and tested methods to achieve a finished Headblock which perfectly matches your client’s headshape and size


Covering the Block

Philip teaches you how to cover your block with paper once the padding has been completed


Drawing on the Hairline and Final Measurements

Philip teaches you how to accurately transfer the hair line markings from the headwrap to the finished block. Philip then measures up the block for the final time to ensure it matches the measurements on the Measurements Sheet