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I have just finished the 7 day wig making course – it was truly incredible!

Philip is very thorough, without it feeling overwhelming! He is also VERY patient (and a very nice person!).
I was a complete novice when it came to wig making but he broke it down into steps that made it all seem achievable. I’m overjoyed with the skills I’ve come home with )along with a foundation I made from scratch!). If I could give it a 10/5 I would!

Wig Course stars

Chelsea Huntley

Had an amazing 7 days learning how to make a wig from scratch. Philip is an amazing teacher, explains well, gives everyone equal attention. The atmosphere was lovely. A nice small group size which makes things easier. I just really enjoyed my week and I’d do it again! Which I won’t need to as Philip gave us all the information we need to make wigs and different types/parts of wigs and is happy to help us if we’ve got questions down the line. 100% would recommend!

Wig Course stars

Naomi Slack

This past May 2019, I traveled from the U.S. to attend the 7 day intensive wig making course at WAM. I wanted to get the best education in a short period of time and I wasn’t disappointed. Philip Carson-Sheard, our educator shared such comprehensive information on how to prepare a wig block, foundation techniques for making a wig cap, different knotting (ventilating) techniques and much more. He was very patient and thorough answering any question that came to mind.

I assist wig designers everyday with maintaining and styling wigs, facial hair pieces and running shows in numerous theatres in Washington, DC. Taking this class has afforded me the opportunity to not only be more valuable to the wig designers but I’m now well on my way to becoming a wig designer and custom wig maker. I also hope to take my wig runner experience back London’s west end soon!

Wig Course stars

Daphne Epps

I absolutely recommend this school for anyone who wants to begin learning the art of wig making. Thank you WAM!!! I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing experience!

I am writing this on the train going back to Glasgow from attending the 7 day INTENSE training course with Philip. Not only is he an amazing wig maker – he is an amazing teacher. So patient and helpful.

I went in so blind and have learnt so much in the past 7 days.

I was recommended the course by business gateway and travelled down to London. I am so glad I did. The other courses I looked at were much shorter. Doing it over the 7 days means I learned at a good pace and able to digest it better. Philip organised having Tasha – from tashajacks – come and talking to us about the different type of hair – you wouldn’t get that on other courses.

I have surprised myself how much I can already do and I can’t wait to carry on being a wiggy and furthering my career.

Thank you Philip and Corinne from the many emails back and forth to the fountain of knowledge you are. The skills you taught the other girls and I will last a lifetime!

Wig Course stars

Sophie Louisa Drabble

After LOADS of recommendations I booked a day with a Phillip at WAM. I wanted to refine my very sketchy knotting skills and that I did! Philip was a great teacher and gave me loads of new knowledge and lots of tips! By the end of the day my knotting was so much better! The studio is very bright and welcoming. Not be mention organised! Everything I needed was there and the whole experience was enjoyable and interesting. I highly recommend!!! I LOVED IT! Thank you!

Wig Course stars

Katie Oropallo

I attended the 7 day intense wig making course in June – post COVID/numerous lockdowns!

Phillip and Corrine ensured that that the studio was a safe and hygienic working environment and reduced class size.
The course is great and Philip an amazing teacher! Fantastic knowledge on everything to do with wig making but also incredibly passionate and happy to share his techniques. I loved the fact that although we were all at different stages of making the foundations Philip sent equal time with us all and there was never any pressure to rush/play catch up.

Prior to the course as well Corinne had great communication with myself and any questions I had she was informative and quick to respond.

I choose this course because so many other wig makers/wiggies suggested it and I also liked the fact that both Philip and Corrine both work in the industry – I will now myself recommend the WAM Studio to anyone that wants to learn the art of wig making!

Wig Course stars

Jess McCabe

Philip was a really great teacher – patient and shows a real passion for his craft. His teaching is never prescriptive or dogmatic, but always grounded in the practicality of making wigs to the highest standard. Alongside this, he is a great personality to be around, so you never feel under pressure when learning within the studio – it feels like you’re being guided by a friend through encouragement, rather than lectured and not much going in! I’d highly recommend the courses as a means to gain the skills you need quickly!

Wig Course stars

Elizabeth Owen Perry

I will never forget my experience at the Wig and make up studio! Phillip is a great teacher, he gives you all the tools and knowledge you need to know to became a successful wig maker. This is the class I’ve been looking for and with people like him willing to share their knowledge I am very grateful to have had this experience!

Wig Course stars

Twila Harvest

I was amazed by the precious days I spent attending the 7 days wig making course. Philip is the best at teaching his art, very kind and patient he is really precise in handing down every detail to all of his students!

Corinne as well was very kind and helpful in organizing everything from the booking on.

I am grateful I could enjoy such an experience that is incredibly useful for my job.

Wig Course stars

Francesca Scalera

I had an amazing time at WAM for the 7-day intensive course with Philip. The course is incredibly well built, making sure you go through all the little details of wig making with such a great, patient approach. Would recommend for anyone who has interest in wig making, it’s the very best you can have.

Wig Course stars

Sarah Ladouceur

I would highly recommend the 7 day intense wig making course with Philip! I had such a great time on this course, I’ve learnt so much and Philip makes it fun and motivates you through the process.

I’ve come out of it with 2 foundations when I had no idea how to make one at the start, and the knowledge to keep going and hopefully end up making a full wig, Philip knows so much about wig making and can answer all your questions, he’s also great at relating everything to industry

So well organised by Corrine as well who is so helpful with any enquiries about the course

If you’re thinking about doing the course you should do it!!!

Wig Course stars

Lizzie Whateley

I attended the 7 day intensive wig making course and absolutely loved it and had so much fun! Philip is such an amazing teacher and I learnt so much from him and on top of that he is the nicest person ever and such a laugh!

There was only 6 of us in the class which was perfect for getting your one on one moments throughout the week. If you’re ever feeling stuck Philip was always there to help! The support after the course aswell is also there when I need it!

Corinne was also so lovely and answered all my queries I had when I emailed her and also cared enough to pop in to see how we was all getting on!

I can’t recommend WAM enough to anyone interested in wig making! Do it!

Wig Course stars

Ellesia Burton

Had an amazing time at The Wigs and Makeup Studio even though we got through so much in a week!
Philip is such a great teacher, so patient, so funny and so informative – Would definitely recommend attending one of their courses!

Wig Course stars

Cindy Julian

No matter what level you’re on when it comes to wigmaking, this is a company to recommend!

Philip will meet every student at their level of expertise, from complete beginner to experienced, and he can customise his classes to suit every student’s particular needs.

Philip has many years of experience in wigmaking. He will make sure you are up to date with the latest techniques and constantly learning something new and industry relevant. There is not just one set way to make a wig, there are several different techniques, each one has its own benefits.

It not only expands your knowledge bank, it also gets you filled with inspiration. Philip and Corinne at The Wigs and Makeup studio met all of my requirements and I am looking forward to learning more in the future.

I will definitely be coming back to take more classes! Actually I can’t wait!!
Easily accessible, Located in Central london, just 10 mins from London bridge station.

Wig Course stars

Rachel L

Came to the WAM Studio after a recommendation and I’m so glad I did! I have learnt more in 4 days than I ever thought possible. Philip is a fantastic teacher, guiding you through the process with great detail, yet also encouraging you to learn how to recognise your own mistakes and areas of improvement, ready for working independently when you go home to practise. Corinne was very helpful in the initial stages of booking onto the course and the whole experience has been extremely positive and professional. I’ve now definitely caught the ‘wiggy bug’ and can’t wait to learn even more about this art form! Thank you WAM STUDIO!

Wig Course stars

Fiona Claire

Best wig making course ever! Literally everything you need to know to make great wigs and pieces. Philip was brilliant at teaching all elements in detail. Thank you!

Wig Course stars

Sheila Moore

I attended the 7 day intensive wig making course, 3 day facial and 1 day hair punching course. I extremely enjoyed the course. It was strenuous but provided me knowledge and skill for life.

Philip is excellent in his teaching. He is a teacher who devotes a great amount of personal effort and interest in his students. He is patient and doesn’t get bothered with questions (even when asked over and over again). He is very approachable and provides any kind of help or direction required (even after the course is over).

I got in touch with Corinne first in order to get into the course. She is pleasant and very communicative. We went on a “field trip” with her and learnt about different kind of wigs and hair.

Sarah Jane- She is lovely and provided me all the knowledge she could about hair punching.

To all three – Thank you for being amazing!!!

Wig Course stars

Sukhmani Singh

I attended the WAM wig making course last week and I left with so much new knowledge! i can not thank Philip enough for teaching me all he knows about making Wigs, the classes were intensive but fun and Philip was a detailed and relaxed teacher. I have and would recommend this course to anyone who would like to learn how to knot, whip and make foundations or even develop on their already skills. I’m really looking forward to my future with everything I have learnt from this course. 5 stars!! X

Wig Course stars

Natalie Morton

This place is AMAZING! I completed the 7 day intensive course and I have to say it was the best thing I’ve done! I learnt so much and Philip has the patience of a saint! As I’m getting frustrated and adamant I can’t do it, Phil would not hesitate to give reassurance and help out endlessly until it makes sense & offers support after the course. The girls on the course were fantastic we had too many giggles but still got the work done which made it a great week! I seriously recommend this place to everyone!

Wig Course stars

Emma Wheeler

Great 7 day intensive course. Massive Thank you WAM studio and big thank you to Philip who really supports you every step of the way. The course is amazing and highly recommended.

Wig Course stars

Vienna Osborne-Ricketts

Absolutely amazing school!! With such an amazing, down to earth teacher. I attended the 7 day intensive wig course back in April and I am so happy I did!! I learnt everything I needed to know and more. I’ll definitely be back to touch up on my skills.

Wig Course stars

Jane Emily Arnold

Wow!!!! What an amazing week, I have just completed my 7 day intensive course and it was amazing!!!! Phillp is so informative and VERY patient. Great value for money and would tell anyone interested in wig making to look no further, no matter what your level of experiences is, this course is for sure for you. Thank you WAM.

Wig Course stars

Ashtone Williams-Pierce

Very intense and inspiring 7 day course, I’m so glad I did it. Philip is a wonderful teacher and really knows how to pass on his knowledge not to mention his patience. If you want to learn how to make wigs and gain another skill this is definitely one for you. I hope they expand and do more theatrical courses. Thank you WAM studio and big thank you to Philip.

Wig Course stars

Liliana Loncar

Attended the week intensive wig making course this week at the WAM Studio with the tutor Philip and had the best time ever! Learned an incredible amount over the 7 days and was such a great environment with the group and Philip! Would absolutely recommend to anyone wanting to learn wig making from scratch or brush up on skills you already have! Couldn’t believe the week went so fast but it was so much fun! Can’t wait to finish my first 2 wigs and start practising on making more! Thank you for everything.

Wig Course stars

Manon Tissier

The WAM studio is an exceptional place to learn wig making and grow confidence in gaining the skills needed. It allowed me to expand my skills and I am now working full time in Theatrical hair and makeup. Philip is an incredible teacher, wonderfully patient and a wealth of knowledge. I did the “how to remove, apply and block up wigs” and the three day foundation course. I cannot wait to return to learn how to whip. The skills you learn are highly enjoyable whether pursued as a career or just something you enjoy in your spare time. The location is easy to find and who doesn’t want to make wigs and drink tea all day! I could not recommend these guys enough!!!

Wig Course stars

Jenni Scott

The wigs and makeup studio is an amazing place! Philip took me from having practically no wig knowledge to a confident wig maker in a matter of sessions! It’s a fun laid back environment and Philip and Corinne are so happy to answer all questions and share their amazing knowledge of the industry. I highly highly recommend WAM to anyone who is considering learning to make wigs or wants to expand their knowledge! No matter if you’re a newbie or a professional wigmaker everyone can learn something at WAM!

Wig Course stars

Eloise Megan Wood

I started my wig making course at WAM Studio with Philip last week and it was the best decision l made, l spent months searching for the perfect courses and WAM Studio kept coming up, so l emailed them with lots of questions back and forth and Corinne was kind enough to answer all my questions. This gave me the reassurance that l was not dealing with some bogus individuals. Philip is a wonderful tutor who is patient,though, open-minded and answered all my questions l threw at him concerning wig making. I’m so glad and exited to have picked WAM Studio as my wig course providers

Wig Course stars

Dorothy Elizabeth Leigh

I am doing my wig making course with Philip and loving every minute! He takes the time to help each and every one of us ! The classes are small which is great because you get almost 1to1! He’s an amazing teacher and he actually wants you to do well not just take your money :)! Pick Philip!!!

Wig Course stars

Linzi Ashley Southwood

I attended the Learn to Whip course at the studio and loved it. It is such a great place to learn about wig making; the educators are professionals that work in the industry, and the small groups allow for loads of individual attention and advice.

Wig Course stars

Raquel Echeverria

I loved learning at The Wigs and Make Up Studio! Philip is an attentive tutor who really takes time to explain technique and theory.
Because it’s a small studio, you get great one on one time in a calm, unintimidating environment. I’m looking forward to going back and learning some more!

Wig Course stars

Rebecca Butterworth

This is a great place to learn from people actually working in industry. Philip & Corinne are lovely people who make you feel like you have known them forever. Xx

Wig Course stars

Sabrina Garside

Brilliant teaching by Philip! Really enjoyed the foundation making course which was made so easy to do and understand. I recommend highly.

Wig Course stars

Kathy Adams

I would highly recommend WAM to beginners wanting to learn the craft of wig making and seasoned professionals looking to brush up on their existing skills and learn new techniques alike! Philip is a fantastic teacher and his experience is reflected in his patience and attention to detail. I took the block padding and the foundation making courses and had a great time learning how to create to an industry standard. One of the best parts about the course is the continued support, Philip has been on hand to answer any new questions and challenges I have encountered when continuing with my wig making. The small classes, excellent teaching and welcoming and friendly atmosphere make WAM the best place to go for all your wig making needs!

Wig Course stars

Alice Hardy

Philip and Corinne’s WAM studio is just fabulous – they’re both super enthusiastic and really do want to see you do well. The course I did was just the right mix of challenging and fun and I feel like I came away with loads of new skills and techniques as well as a smile on my face. Philip’s teaching is relaxed and calming yet laced with true industry tips and tricks on how to make a really great wig. I would highly recommend any of their courses. The class sizes are very small and you get an extensive amount of one on one teaching with a real industry professional – what more could you want?

Wig Course stars

Gabriella-Louise Havens

I had a fantastic time at the wigs and make up studio and learnt such a lot. Philip is a knowledgeable, kind and patient teacher and I have no hesitation in recommending WAM.

Wig Course stars

Angela Youngs

The intensive course of 7 days is fantastic, very professional, Philip and Corinne the best clarify absolutely all your doubts, the best choice to learn how to make wigs in London !!

Wig Course stars

Sergio Barron

I did the 3 day wig foundation course with Phillip and it was amazing! I learnt so much in such a short amount of time. 100% recommend.

Wig Course stars

Katie Jane Ford