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Welcome to the WAM Studio – The Perfect Headwrap course where Philip teaches you how to prepare your clients hair using the wrapping method then how to take a perfect Headwrap, including key measurements and photographs

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Intro and Equipment

Philip talks you through the equipment you will need for your Head Prep and also your Headwrap


The Head Prep – Wrapping Method

Philip demonstrates and advises you how to prepare your client’s hair, paying particular attention to size and shape, and how to apply a stocking cap over the hair and pin into place


The Headwrap

Philip takes you step-by-step through the Headwrap (also known as a ‘bubble’, ‘shell’ or ‘template’) process. He also shows you how to accurately mark out the hairline and other important information


Key Measurements

Philip shows you how and where to take key measurements and how to record on a measurement sheet (FREE WAM Studio Measurement Sheet ready to download)


Key Photographs

Philip shows you how to take specific photographs of your client and discusses why they matter