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Welcome to the WAM Studio Knotting Your Wig course where Philip guides you through hand knotting a full custom made wig into a lace foundation with a parting

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Intro and Equipment

Philip talks you through the equipment you will need to knot your wig


Selecting Your Hair

Philip explains how to measure and purchase the correct hair lengths required for different areas of your wig. Philip also discusses the number of colour shades and tones you should consider using to achieve a natural overall colour


Placing Your Hair into Your Drawing Mat

Philip shows you how to split bundles of hair and the correct way to place into your drawing mat to prevent major issues occurring


The Nape

Watch Philip knot the nape section of his wig, whilst he guides you through the knotting directions, the triangle edge method and variation in density


The Tension Band

Philip knots the tension band section of his wig as he discusses changes in knotting directions and when/how to change hair shades and tones


The Crown

Philip guides you through knotting the crown section of his wig, discussing colour shade transition and knotting directions. There is also a whiteboard session where Philip explains and demonstrates the importance of density throughout your wig


The Front

Philip shows you how he fine knots the delicate lace front of his wig, the colour shades and tones he has selected and the knotting directions he employs to ensure the hair falls in a realistic and natural way


The Parting

Philip teaches you the knotting directions he uses, for a cross-knotted parting, to finish his wig!