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7 Day Intensive Wig Making Course

Our 7-Day Intensive Course runs for a straight 7 days and particularly appeals to Overseas students and those living outside of London who want to learn as much as possible in as short a time as possible to save on accommodation costs etc. It is fast-paced and hard work but extremely rewarding with rapid progress in skills being mastered.

With only a maximum of 6 students per course, there is plenty of 1-1 time with course Tutor, Philip Carson-Sheard.

Day 1

Learn to Whip and Learn to Knot

Learn to Whip and Learn to Knot

Learn the key stitch of whipping which is used to bind the seams in foundation making and learn basic skills of knotting hair into foundation lace.

Day 2

Headwraps and Headblocks

Headwraps and Headblocks

Preparing your client’s hair, taking an accurate headwrap, with key measurements and photographs, then using this information to produce a headblock to your client’s exact head size and shape.

Days 3, 4, 5

Foundation Making (Wig Cap Making)

Foundation Making (Wig Cap Making)

How to correctly lay down Terylene and Swiss front lace on your headblock and whip together to form a wig foundation (wig cap).

Day 6, 7

Knotting your Wig

Knotting Your Wig

More advanced knotting skills will be covered including types of knots (single, double, fine hairline), knotting directions, partings, crowns etc.

It will obviously not be possible to complete knotting your wig in this time but we offer a lifetime post-course advice service via Facetime, email or text.

Course Fees

Option 1: £1750
7-Day Intensive Wig Making Course

Option 2: £2000 (saving £100)
7-Day Intensive Wig Making Course PLUS life-time access to our Online Ultimate Beginners Programme

Upcoming Course Dates


Sunday 13th April – Saturday 19th April 2025 (NEW)


Monday 26th Feb – Sunday 3rd March (SOLD OUT)

Monday 1st April – Sunday 7th April (SOLD OUT)

Monday 17th June – Sunday 23rd June (SOLD OUT)

Sunday 1st September – Saturday 7th September (SOLD OUT)

Sunday 8th December – Saturday 14th December (NEW)