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Whenever there is a need for a crisp, curly curl when wig styling my advice to you is to give it some stick. Using wooden dowelling rods to set your hair on your wig when styling, will give a sharp and structured curl. Perfect for sharp waves and plenty of bounce. So when wig styling take a rod to it.


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Wig Styling: Give It Some Stick


The great thing about wooden dowelling is that it comes in many sizes and is cheap as chips. Any DIY store will sell lengths of dowelling. Most stores will offer a cutting service.

Usually for free.

It is simple to cut the lengths into ‘roller’ size chunks.


dowelling rods


You will leave the store clanking and rattling with a bag full of wooden rollers. ROCK ‘N ROLL! Off you go.

It also goes without saying that all us multi talented wig stylists out there could simply grab a saw and do it for ourselves too.


Wig Setting Using Your Rods


Have a practice with your rods. Hair is set exactly the same way as when using a roller. Different setting techniques will offer a different curl.

A standard roll with create a tight solid curl.

A long wind will offer a crisp wave.

A twist set will create a bouncy wave.


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After rolling your hair, secure to the base of your wig with a pin. Of course it is impossible to pin through the rod. Instead attach by pinning through the hair and attaching the pin into the wig block.


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Using Rods When Wig Styling Creates A Different Type Of Curl


The set, when using the wooden rods when wig styling, definitely differs from a regular set using flock or metal rollers. When using flock and metal rollers, air flow is created both on top and through the roller. This creates a softer finish.

Wooden rods are solid and airflow doesn’t occur under your rolled hair. Instead the rod heats up and more steam is created. Increased steam and heat results in the crisper curl.


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Make sure the drying time is increased as wooden rods in wig styling take longer to dry your hair.


Curls Last Longer


Another advantage when wig styling and using your wooden rods, is that the curl is set into the hair for longer.


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Sometimes though it may require extra brushing when dressing out your set. Extra brushing will ensure those bouncy, curly curls are beaten into submission.


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Using wooden dowelling rods pre cut into roller size pieces when wig styling will give you lovely bouncy, curly  sets. Gorgeously formed curls and crisp waves. Give it a go when setting and wig styling. I guarantee you will love it.


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