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What’s the correct way to make a wig? The answer is that there isn’t one. If the basic techniques and methods are followed and the end result is a beautifully crafted wig, how does it matter how the result was achieved. It is massively unhelpful for experienced wig makers to critique a method because it is different from their own. Keep on producing your amazing work and smile sweetly the critics.


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Bad Wig Making Will Always Show



Now there is a wrong way to create a wig. Bad work will always show. Hair knotted in the wrong directions. Hair density too thick, or thin. Lace foundations badly whipped. Lack of tension which results in a badly fitting wig.



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The incorrect way is just due to badly executed wig work and practices. It is not because of the style and method used.




The Wig Making Community On Social Media



The great thing about the advent of the internet and the wig making community on social media is the variations on the craft of wig making. Different countries have adopted different methods and style to produce some great wigs.


Also individuals have developed methods that work well for them and it is a pleasure to see the many different variations of wig work out there. Around the world there are some truly talented wig makers out there.



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WIG MAKING: The wig makers



Very well established wig makers have developed their skills and methods over the years. These methods work for the individual wig making companies and are tried and tested within the establishments.  Every one of the established wig makers do produce wigs using different styles and methods. Not one of them are doing anything incorrectly. Every one of them just do things differently.


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In Conclusion



What can be gained from this blog? You can rest assured that as long as you have a glorious looking wig. A wig that moves and looks like real hair. A wig that fits the wearer like a glow. A wig that you have poured love into the wig making, then you have made it the right way. Perfect!



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