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A wig making course that is intensive and covers every stage of the wig making process. At The Wigs and Makeup Studio, London we offer a 7 day intensive wig making course. We will train you in all the elements of the wig making process. On this 7 day course it will set you on a path that will allow you to create your very own custom made wig. Step by step and guided by an industry expert in the wig making. That will be me of course, Philip Carson-Sheard.



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Wig Making Course : The 7 Day Intensive


This wig making course at WAM Studio, London covers every aspect of the wig making process. During this 7 day intensive wig course we will cover everything from the basic knotting or ventilating techniques. Sewing techniques, which is called whipping in the wig making world, are covered in full.


Progresses onto full lace foundation making during the course and produce two different styles of foundation. Full lace wig foundations are created on custom made head blocks, or head forms. These blocks are made by creating head wraps, or bubbles and utilising the correct head measurements taken from a model.


The knotting, or ventilating elements will be fully explained during this intensive wig making course. With all the important elements of adding hair to your lace foundation such as napes, hair spacing, hair partings and hair direction. It will give you the confidence and skills required to go and create your very own custom wigs.


The techniques studied on this course can also be adapted to allow you to make other styles of wigs, toppers, toupees and re-fronts.


The wig making course is incredibly intense, although it is delivered in an understandable and step by step method. It is a lot of fun to boot.



The Basics In Wig Making




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Whether you have some experience knotting hair, or are a complete beginner. At The Wigs and Makeup Studio we will guide you through the process of forming your knots and progress onto ventilating directs.



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Whipping techniques and wig making seams are covered right from day one. These seams are used to create custom made full lace foundations.



Head Wraps and Head Blocks



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The basics covered.  Progress onto taking head measurements and wraps.  Create custom made head blocks, or head forms utilising this wrap and measurements. The resulting head form is then used to produce a custom fitting wig for a client.



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Full Lace Wig Foundations



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Throughout this intensive wig making course, students will learn different methods and styles of wig foundations. The result? It allows each student to create their very own custom made wig.



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Hair Ventilating Elements


Final stages of the course will guide the student through hair knotting elements. This final stage covers hair directions and density. You will gain tips and tricks on hair partings, front hairlines and napes. At the end of this intensive wig making course, it will enable the students to complete the knotting of your wig foundations.



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With You Every Step Of The Way

Never left high and dry!  At The Wigs and Makeup Studio we offer continued support long after our courses. Rest assured we have your back, giving you the confidence to go and make beautiful wigs.


For further information visit our website at and we look forward to guiding you through your wig making journey.



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