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At The Wigs And Makeup Studio we have some fantastic people coming through our doors. From experienced folks working in the hair and makeup industry to the complete beginner. At WAM Studio, we caterer for all skill levels and deliver our classes in a relaxed and fun manner. I am always blown away at the passion and dedication of all the lovely boys and girls that start their wig making journey with me at WAM Studio. It is great to hear that these fabulous students have a top notch time at our London Studio. Here is a testimonial from the fantastic Dorothy.

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The Wigs And Makeup Studio: Testimonial


‘I started my wig making course at WAM Studio with Philip last week and it was the best decision l made, l spent months suching for the perfect courses and WAM Studio kept coming up, so l emailed them with losts of questions back of forth and Corinne was kind enough to answer all my questions. This gave me the reassurance that l was not dealing with some bogus individuals. Philip is a wonderful tutor who is patient,through, open-minded and answered all my questions l threw at him concerning wig making. I’m so glad and exited to have picked WAM Studio as my wig course providers.’

Dorothy Elizabeth Leigh


Wig Making Classes


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Dorothy, creating the basic knots with me at The Wigs And Makeup Studio, Peckham, London. She is in the process of ventilating here. We offer wig making classes in all aspects of the wig making process.


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Dorothy is creating her custom made head block at WAM Studio. To make a true custom wig, a custom made head form needs to be made. We have wig making classes in creating a custom head block.


A great big well done to Dorothy for completing her wig making journey at The Wigs And Makeup Studio. She did such an amazing job. Thank you for your kind words too.


Start your own wig making journey with me at The wigs And Makeup Studio. We offer short courses for all skill level.



Philip Carson-Shreard

Wig Making classes

WAM Studio