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A wig makers top tip when knotting or ventilating hair into any full lace wig foundation using a wig making block. All Wig makers out there can save their eyes by using a ‘tongue’. This tongue is made from a non reflective cardboard of a dark colour. Using a wig making block by it’s very nature is a shiny affair. These blocks are covered in plastic and sellotape which will play havoc on the eyes and create an annoying glare. By using a ‘tongue’ when knotting your wig it will be much easier on the eyes.


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Don’t Stare At The Glare


A wig makers block will have the head measurements of the artist transferred onto it. Head measurements are used to ensure the wig fits the artist’s head perfectly. The very nature of the wig making block is a creation of shiny plastic and tape. This block will almost always flare and reflect under a light source.  The light will produce a glare which plays havoc on the wig makers vision. Imagine spending all day knotting hair under this reflection and it results in double vision.


wig making, wig block, wig making block


Wig Makers Tongue


Here is a very simple solution that was passed on to me by a very talented wig maker, Miss Lucy Smith. Use a wig makers tongue. What is required is to grab a piece of cardboard and using a pair of sharp scissors, snip away.  Cut out a tongue shape from a dark piece of card and Hey Presto. Introducing the wig makers tongue.


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Now Insert That Tongue


Once the tongue shape has been cut out from the card it is then just inserted it between the block and the foundation lace. The glare is instantly removed. As an added bonus the darker colour will show the lace on the wig foundation much more clearly solving two problems in one simple solution.


ventilating, knotting, top tip, wig making tip


This top tip has saved my eyesight many a time. Try it and never look back. It is especially useful for knotting or ventilating into very fine foundation lace or when working with white or blonde hair. A real life saver for all you wig makers out there. Take that glare out of the stare.


Philip Carson-Sheard

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