Online courses now available! New 2024 Studio Course dates added.

Our 7-Day Intensive Course runs for a straight 7-Day period and particularly appeals to Overseas students and those living outside of London who want to learn as much as possible in as short a time as possible to save on accommodation costs etc. It is fast-paced and hard work but extremely rewarding with rapid progress in skills being mastered. The course covers the following:

Day 1: Learn to Whip and Learn to Knot

Learn the key stitch of whipping which is using to bind the seams in foundation making and learn basic skills of knotting hair into foundation lace.

Day 2: Headwraps and Headblocks:

Preparing your client’s hair, taking an accurate Headwrap, with key measurements and photographs, then using this information to produce a Headblock to your client’s exact head size and shape.

Days 3, 4 and 5: Foundation Making (Wig Cap Making)

Two different types of Foundations will be constructed during the three days.

Days 6 and 7: Knotting your Wig

More advanced knotting skills will be covered including types of knots (single, double), knotting directions, partings, crowns etc.

It will obviously not be possible to complete knotting your wig in this time but we offer a lifetime post-course advice service via Skype, Facetime, email or text.

Course duration:
7 Days

Cost Costs:
Tuition Fee: £1500
Wig Making Kit: £99.50* + VAT + delivery (direct from supplier)
Hair Pack: £250.00** + VAT + delivery (direct from supplier)

* Wig Making Kit includes: Malleable Block, Cradle, Drawing Mat and a box containing Knotting Hook Holder – Knotting Hook Size 4/5 – Knotting Hook Size 10 for Whipping – Curved Sewing Needle – Pack of Assorted Sewing Needles – Scissors – Clear Thread – Measuring Tape – Pins – Permanent Marker – Sewing Finger Guard – Polyester Thread – Chinagraph Pencil

** 175g in 12″-20″ in the following colour options:
Black/Dark Brown
Medium Brown