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When laying your foundation lace sections over your head form it is important to create seams that will remain strong and keep your wig base together. There are two types of seam used in wig making UK (well not just wig making UK but wig making everywhere in fact). The flat seam and the folded seam. In this post I want to talk about a folded seam and how to do it perfectly to ensure everything stays attached.


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When placing the foundation lace, where each piece connects, a seam will be required.


A folded seam is where the top and bottom parts are folded together and secured. By folding theses layers a strong connection is made.

Wig Making UK: Creating The Wig Seam


As a general rule, the bottom section is folded over by approximately 4 holes on the lace. This fold is made in an upwards direction. The top section is then cut with an eight hole overlap. The top layer is then folded in half and tucked under the bottom flap.


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Both sides of the folded seam is then whipped to produce a locking seam which is very strong.


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Never Whip On A Raw Edge


It is important when wig making UK or indeed worldwide, that you never whip (wig making term for sewing) along a ‘raw’ lace edge. This will result in the foundation lace fraying and this will lead to the wig base splitting at the seams.


Always fold over your raw edges.


Folded seams are generally used on the main body of the full lace wig base, whilst either a flat or folded seam can be used on the front hairline section.


Wig Making UK At WAM Studio


Wig Making UK at WAM Studio this method of folded seam will always be adopted and taught. At WAM I always tell my students that there is no right or wrong methods in wig making as long as the final result is reached .


This would be my only exception to that rule.



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The wig base seams need to be strong and whipping on a raw edge will always result in the seam splitting. It may not happen straight away but it will happen.


Happy wig making folks and keep those seams folded.


Philip Carson-Sheard
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