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Wig making schools are delivered by industry professionals with a wealth of experience and teach wig making in a direct format. Supervised learning is essential when learning the art of wig making.  It ensures the correct methods are adopted by the students. By learning from a professional at a wig making school it also allows for top tips and tricks of the trade which will make learning simple and fun. There are some great Youtube tutorials out there but they are also hidden in-between some really terrible ones. It is a mine field and by taking even a basic course at a wig making school, it will arm you with a good grounding. This will allow you to filter out the Youtube videos that will otherwise be leading you up the garden path.


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Youtube Tutorial Mine Field


There are some fantastic Youtube videos covering the whole wig making process on the site. At The WAM Studio channel there are some great ones right there to start you off. However, there are also some appauling advice out there that will misdirect and confuse.


Would you make a lace wig base or foundation using a pair of your Grandmother’s net curtains? Or would you make it on a polystyrene wig stand that has been padded with so many plastic bags that it resembles a bust of Nefertiti from ancient Egypt?


There are videos out there suggesting this. Complete misinformation indeed and damn right hilarious. Now if you didn’t know any better you would blindly be following these methods.  Thinking it was all correct.




Common sense should prevail.  But there is still a lot of convincing misinformation out there that is just plain wrong. I do take my hat off to the pure ingenuity of some of the video authors.  They are weird and amazing in the styles they have produced. If it works for them, then I guess it works.


Now don’t get me wrong there are some brilliant video authors out there producing top notch information and guidance. Authors such as Super Wig Maker and of course the WAM Studio channel


If you are serious about wig making as a career then attending a wig making school is an absolute must. You will gain a great background knowledge that will let you decipher what is good YouTube advise and what is not.


Wig Making School Delivered By Experts


You don’t have to spend thousands of pounds and years of your life studying wig making at a wig making school. Short courses are the perfect way to gain proper knowledge. This knowledge will give you everything you need to go off and produce fabulous wigs.


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It will also give you the correct know how to watch online tutorial videos and know which are the great ones and which are the bad.


Attending wig making school will allow you to pick up top notch tips and tricks from industry experts. Experts with years of experience which you will not pick up from YouTube.


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Want To Attend Wig Making School? Choose WAM


Funnily enough, here at THE WIGS AND MAKEUP STUDIO we offer short, affordable courses in wig making. Our wig making school is right in the heart of London, UK. I have had years of experience making wigs for the industry.  At WAM Studio the classes are small which allows expert one to one training.


So if you are looking for a wig making school the THE WIGS AND MAKEUP STUDIO is the perfect choice. Check out our courses at and leave Grandma’s curtains alone.


Happy wig making folks

Philip Carson-Sheard

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