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Bald Caps – Theatre vs Film

This course will cover the different types of bald caps on the market, various methods of application and colouring. Here we will clearly demonstrate the differences between the requirements of theatre and film. Students will practice on each other, trouble shoot and refine their skills under the watchful eye of our expert tutor.

Course duration: 1 day
Cost: £225

Designing, Sculpting, Making and Applying Prosthetic Pieces and The World of Blood

This intensive course is divided into two sessions. In the first session students will design their own small prosthetics piece (scar, wounds etc) and be taken through all the processes to produce a finished piece which they will then apply and colour.
The second session will discuss and demonstrate various types of theatre/film blood on the market, its different uses and applications plus show various tricks of the trade. Students will have ample opportunity to practise and play with the products provided under the expert eye of our tutor.

Course duration: 1 day
Cost: £250 including all materials